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A Refresh

I decided it was time to refresh the playroom.  Walter is better about banging on the walls with hard objects and we still had an extra gallon of paint from Marie’s room that I just loved.  I spent an entire day spackling and sanding the walls.  Thank goodness... read more

Visits from Cousins!

We were so pleased that Ryan and Ann came up to visit us while they were here to see the temple.  Mimi and Doug came up as well and the kids spent the day having lots of fun together.  Claire wanted to play in the pool so I got out the bouncy house for them all to... read more

National Canal Museum

We happen to live five minutes away from a rather fun slice of history, The National Canal Museum.  Shane had never been and I had missed the canal boat ride so we visited this fun place a few weeks ago as a family.  Inside the museum the kids learned all about how... read more

Carnival Time!

One of our favorite things about the community we live in is the Fire Station Carnival held in July every year.  It is so close to us we can hear the live music and the screams from the riders from our backyard.  We went on family night and bought all the kids wrist... read more

Three Days of Play with Mom

The older kids participated in a state park day camp last week.  The camp was an hour from our house and lasted over lunch so I stayed and explored the area with the two youngest.  They loved spending so much time with Mom.  The first day we explored Washington... read more

The Delaware River

We discovered a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning walk that the Delaware River was rather low this time of year and decided to go back to explore the next day.  Much to our surprise the water level had risen over night and so we sat on the banks cooling our feet while... read more

Lost River Caverns

Our last trip for our vacation was to a cavern close to our house.  We chose a scorcher of a day to go head down into the nice cool mid 50 degree cave.  The original owner of the cave was quite the collector and while we waited for the tour we enjoyed the... read more

The Beach

During Shane’s vacation we also took all the kids to the shore.  This was our first time taking them all since Walter was a little baby.  We left early and got to the beach right when it opened at 8:30.  The beach was empty and beautiful.  Shane told me he... read more

4th of July Bash!

We had a blast this Independence Day!  Other than a glitch with our grill not working everything went well and we ate like kings.  The kids loved the bouncy house and pool as well as our water balloon fight.  I think the anticipation might have been even more fun for... read more

Strasburg Railroad

Shane decided to take his first full summer vacation since we moved to Pennsylvania.  To celebrate the first day of our vacation we drove out to Lancaster to visit the Strasburg Railroad and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  We visited the museum first after... read more

Backyard Camping

On our list of summer activities is backyard camping.  The scheduled weekend was highly anticipated with Brooke constantly talking about sleeping in a tent and cooking marshmallows over the fire.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a hot dog roast,... read more

Father’s Day

We celebrated our awesome Daddy with homemade granola and a morning walk before church.  We packed a picnic dinner which we ate at the local park after church and then drove down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for fruit smoothies with the extended family.  The... read more

Palmyra Trip Day Two

In the morning we went for a walk around the temple with the kids and climbed the hill Cumorah, then we drove down to the Priesthood Restoration Site in Susquehanna.  As we unloaded our lunch I turned around and saw my brother Abraham running down to meet us.  We... read more

Palmyra Trip Day One

We recently went on a family trip to Palmyra, New York to visit the temple and spend time together.  We stopped at our favorite park on the way there.  The kids love this park, especially playing with Daddy.  He chased them and swung them to their hearts delight.  We... read more

Family Bike Ride

Our family is finally old enough and skilled enough at riding that we can now go on family bike rides again.  A few weeks ago we headed out for our first ride in a very long time.  Shane and I pulled the two youngest in bike trailers while the older kids had it easy.... read more

Memorial Day!

Grandma and Grandpa Muldowney invited us down to celebrate Memorial Day at Valley Forge Park.  It brought back fond memories for me of our morning Memorial Day runs at the park.  The weather cooperated and in the shade it was the perfect temperature.  There... read more


It doesn’t seem to matter where we live the kids want to dig somewhere.  At our house they found sand under the deck…along with rusty nails. We have a landscaper coming to cover under the deck and in the mean time Brooke had to wait a few weeks for her... read more