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Lititz PA

To celebrate spring break we met up with our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents at the Sturgis Pretzel factory in Lititz, PA.  This is the oldest hard pretzel factory in the U.S. It made pretzels for the Union army during the civil war.  We did our traditional... read more

All grown up!

Our special girl turned twelve! We were so thankful for her friends that made the time to come to her party.  We had fun trying to break open an almost unbreakable pinata and then we decorated masks.  The kids had so much fun together.  To top off the night we had... read more

Peter’s Birthday!

The evening before Peter’s birthday we did our usual spring hunt.  The kids got their stash of candy and some felt finger puppets I made for them to celebrate spring with along with their dyed eggs.  For Peter’s birthday we made a dinosaur fossil cake.  We... read more

Pinewood Derby

Shane went out of his way this year and helped four kids make and design pinewood derby cars.  The boys raced theirs in the official Cub Scout races and the girls raced theirs in the general open race.  We were surprised when Peter came in first and Oliver third.... read more

Fun with Frogs

Walter loved the stairs Can you see the frong? Mammoth The kids took their own pictures Poison Dart Frogs The butterfly room Pretty excited Getting a better view The iconic turtle... read more

Valentines Party!

We prepared the kids for Valentines this year by asking them every night since the beginning of January how they had served someone that day.  We encouraged the kids to also notice when others were serving.  For every service we put up a heart.  Our wall was full by... read more

School Projects

We enjoyed doing a great variety of projects for school this winter.  The kids made flags for their countries, cooked African doughnuts, learned about prints, and made Carnival headbands.  I love that we can do these fun activities together, especially during the long... read more

New Years…early

We celebrated New Years early this year because New Years was on a Sunday.  Mimi and Doug’s family were able to join us for some fun shenanigans.  We had way too much food and the kids had way too much energy.  They ran in circles for our entertainment while we... read more

Christmas Day!

We had such a fun Christmas this year.  The kids woke early as usual and we opened our presents first thing before eating a filling breakfast.  The kids loved giving each other their gifts.  They were very thoughtful of each other. We mainly gave them books because... read more

Christmas Eve

This Christmas season was a bit difficult for me due to my contracting walking pneumonia.  Thankfully the medicine started really kicking in on Christmas Eve and we enjoyed an evening decorating our traditional gingerbread cottage and opening our Christmas pajamas.... read more

Christmas Devotional and Caroling

We invited our lovely senior missionary couple from Provo over to watch the Christmas Devotional this year and participate in our cookie tradition.  They were so sweet and fun to have around and helped out while Shane took and emergency call from a patient.  The... read more

Back to Tradition

This year the boys begged us to go cut a Christmas tree instead of getting a precut tree.  We went to our traditional Christmas tree  place, but since the weather wasn’t too bad we headed out to the fields with a cart and a saw.  We hadn’t cut down a tree... read more

Thanksgiving Feast!

We loved having our family over to our house for Thanksgiving again this year.  The food was delicious as usual and the company was the best.  We just wish we could transport the whole family here for the holidays.  The cousins enjoyed playing together all day along... read more

Thankfulness Tree

We continued  our family Thankfulness Tree this year including putting the Nativity up under it after Thanksgiving.  Some of my favorites this year were, “I am thankful for being good to people.” – Brooke.  “I am thankful for ideas.”... read more


The kids had fun this Halloween.  Our trunk-r-treat was cold but the kids managed to stay warm and enjoy their friend’s costumes.  On Halloween we went to our cousins house for a party.  The kids had a wonderful time playing games, trick-or-treating, and making... read more