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Shane’s Birthday Trip

For Shane’s birthday we took a family trip with his parents to Palmyra, New York.  On the way we stopped at the Priesthood Restoration Site and took the full tour.  The kids had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning about church history.  Once we reached the... read more

Our Sunshine

I’ve never seen anyone happier to have her birthday.  Brooke loved every moment from having her Grandparents there to her requested purple unicorn.  We love our special sunshine girl and all of her joy at the simple things of life. So excited! Expectations Her... read more

Favorite Pumpkin Patch

Grandma and Grandpa K. are out to visit.  To celebrate we met up with the Johnson crew at our favorite pumpkin patch.  We loved the hayride, especially the apples to snack on our trip out to the field.  The kids loved roaming the field to find their pumpkins.  I... read more

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a charming birthday.  The kids knew that Aunt Mimi and crew were coming in the morning so they got their school work done quickly and cheerfully.  I joked with Mimi when she came that she needed to visit every day.  Mimi surprised me with beautiful flowers and... read more

Philadelphia Temple Dedication

September 18th 2016 will always be a beloved day in my heart.  We got up and left the house by 6:30 am so we could drop our three oldest off to attend the 9 am dedication with their aunts and uncle.  Then we dropped our two youngest off to be watched by Grandma and... read more

To the beach!

All summer we wanted to go to the beach again.  We finally fit in our trip on the Friday before Labor Day.  The surf was up thanks to a late summer hurricane brewing further down the coast so we only went in up to our knees.  Walter just loved being bowled over by the... read more

Happy Belated Birthday!

Walter had a wonderful birthday this year!  We did a secret trip to the toy store where we observed what he liked and then bought it on the sly.  I love it when you can still do that.  He also was able to tell me what kind of cake he wanted and picked his colors. He... read more

Trip Into Philly

A few weeks ago we attended the Philadelphia Temple Open House and visited Independence Hall.  Our visit to the temple had some special moments.  My favorite moment was with Brooke sitting on my lap in the Celestial Room.  I whispered to her about how she could come... read more

A Refresh

I decided it was time to refresh the playroom.  Walter is better about banging on the walls with hard objects and we still had an extra gallon of paint from Marie’s room that I just loved.  I spent an entire day spackling and sanding the walls.  Thank goodness... read more

Visits from Cousins!

We were so pleased that Ryan and Ann came up to visit us while they were here to see the temple.  Mimi and Doug came up as well and the kids spent the day having lots of fun together.  Claire wanted to play in the pool so I got out the bouncy house for them all to... read more

National Canal Museum

We happen to live five minutes away from a rather fun slice of history, The National Canal Museum.  Shane had never been and I had missed the canal boat ride so we visited this fun place a few weeks ago as a family.  Inside the museum the kids learned all about how... read more

Carnival Time!

One of our favorite things about the community we live in is the Fire Station Carnival held in July every year.  It is so close to us we can hear the live music and the screams from the riders from our backyard.  We went on family night and bought all the kids wrist... read more

Three Days of Play with Mom

The older kids participated in a state park day camp last week.  The camp was an hour from our house and lasted over lunch so I stayed and explored the area with the two youngest.  They loved spending so much time with Mom.  The first day we explored Washington... read more

The Delaware River

We discovered a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning walk that the Delaware River was rather low this time of year and decided to go back to explore the next day.  Much to our surprise the water level had risen over night and so we sat on the banks cooling our feet while... read more

Lost River Caverns

Our last trip for our vacation was to a cavern close to our house.  We chose a scorcher of a day to go head down into the nice cool mid 50 degree cave.  The original owner of the cave was quite the collector and while we waited for the tour we enjoyed the... read more

The Beach

During Shane’s vacation we also took all the kids to the shore.  This was our first time taking them all since Walter was a little baby.  We left early and got to the beach right when it opened at 8:30.  The beach was empty and beautiful.  Shane told me he... read more

4th of July Bash!

We had a blast this Independence Day!  Other than a glitch with our grill not working everything went well and we ate like kings.  The kids loved the bouncy house and pool as well as our water balloon fight.  I think the anticipation might have been even more fun for... read more

Strasburg Railroad

Shane decided to take his first full summer vacation since we moved to Pennsylvania.  To celebrate the first day of our vacation we drove out to Lancaster to visit the Strasburg Railroad and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.  We visited the museum first after... read more