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Our first stop in Utah after a very hot airplane ride and late night socializing with the family was Grandma and Grandpa K’s cabin in the mountains by Beaver.  It is a place we love and was on the top of the kids things to do.  I personally love this spot because this is where I met all of Shane’s family for the first time.  First we stopped at the local pawn shop to buy Marie a fishing license and then we headed up the mountain to the cabin.  I napped while Shane took the kids exploring.  The kids shot BB Guns until dinner and then we went fishing at Little Reservoir.  Everyone caught fish while I walked Walter, soaked in the beautiful surroundings and nostalgic warm mountain pine smells.  We were so happy that Uncle Allyn joined us in the evening.  The next morning we went fishing again and packed up for our drive to St. George to join up with the rest of the family.