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We were so excited to have eight of the twelve siblings at our traditional 4th of July party this year.  It was a house full of cousins enjoying themselves immensely.  I got to meet Abraham’s girlfriend, Pauline, for the first time.  She has all the kids wrapped around her finger and was especially kind to Walter.  The cousins played in the water, did sword fighting with Uncle Abraham and basically did every fun thing they could think of.  The Aunts and Uncles played Bohnanza and chatted.  Shane went out with the guys for the usual fireworks run and we thoroughly enjoyed lighting them up in the evening.  We changed where we watched to down by the fire pit.  Being on the same level as the fountains made them even more exciting.  The food was awesome, the company the best, and special thanks to all those who helped with dishes.  We had a special treat that night when Chelsey and Jacob stayed over before their drive home.  We loved giving extra baby love to their girls, especially Brooke who loved having girl cousins to play with.