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Last year we had someone finish clearing the land inside our fence.  I did not want to put all that work to waste by not finishing covering and mulching the portion we wanted to make into garden beds.  No ground stays cleared in PA for very long.  I have spent most of May working very hard in the yard.  I finished my landscaping plan by planting 25 bushes.  It took Shane a little while to catch the vision while we were planting the shrubs. Then I laid down drip lines so we wouldn’t have anything die.  Then I put down landscaping cloth and lastly moved and mulched 12 cubic yards of mulch.  It was way more than I expected and Shane had to help me finish it off when I got sick this weekend.  I am so happy with the finished product.  When the shrubs grow up they will give us some privacy and attract birds.  I also have a corner that is shady in the afternoons prepared to put in a picnic table for the kids to use when it is hot.  This is where we planted Shane’s favorite kind of dogwood tree in honor of his Grandma Bertha who passed away this year.  Now I just have the grass to plant, the fruit trees to respray, and some clearing to do outside the fence.  It’s been three years but we sure have made a difference in our yard.  I’m hoping to run out of really big projects soon.