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Right after we returned from our family vacation I experienced some rather surreal moments as a mom, wife, and woman.  The first was having Oliver head out to 11 year old scout camp.  In no way was I mentally ready to have a kid old enough to head off to scout camp.  He was ready though and had a great time.

Next we were lucky enough to visit with Aunt Shana’s whole family and enjoy cuteness overload from their fun kids.  It was so fun to see them all together and visit with family.

Then Marie went to Girls Camp?!?  Another big milestone that was hard for Momma.  While she was gone I was silly enough to can peaches without her help.  I won’t be doing that again!  Then something even bigger happened, our Bishop asked me to serve as our congregation’s Relief Society President.  That was a surprise to say the least.  The next morning Aunt Mimi came by and we visited the National Canal Museum.  We visit this place yearly and enjoyed it as usual.  While I was digesting the training and immensity of what lied ahead we got to visit Shushana one more time.  I was so distracted I forgot to bring her books.  We had a wonderful visit topped off with a roll down a hill, except Brooke somehow managed to roll across the hill not down.

To top off these first two weeks of August I made salsa from our garden veggies, moved kid’s bedrooms, and took the boys to their favorite Primary teacher’s house for an end of the summer activity.  It was on this deck that I was able to talk with the women I would eventually ask to be my counselors.  What a moment it was to chat, with the burden of my calling on my shoulders, and feel peace with those women at that time.  The Lord provides revelation in miraculous ways and I was particularly appreciative of that moment in time even though the boys lost their favorite primary teacher so she can serve with me!