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Chanticleer Garden

We were so excited to visit with Aunt Missy and Isabelle when they arrived in Pennsylvania.  On one of our trips down to Grandma’s she took us all to Chanticleer Garden.  This is one of my favorite places where I grew up and during our visit Oliver told Grandma... read more

Kids and flowers

This spring brought some new growth in our kids.  First of all we moved them all up into bikes.  Brooke and Walter love riding around with training wheels.  Brooke loves telling me she is going 100 mph.  Walter loves being up higher and being like the older children.... read more

My big project

Last year we had someone finish clearing the land inside our fence.  I did not want to put all that work to waste by not finishing covering and mulching the portion we wanted to make into garden beds.  No ground stays cleared in PA for very long.  I have spent most of... read more

Birthday Fun

Oliver had a low key birthday since it was raining most of the day.  We watched some movies, played games, decorated, and reveled in not having school work.  Daddy came home early as a special treat. We made Oliver’s cake on his birthday due to the whipped cream... read more

Scout Night

We had a big night at our most recent Pack Meeting.  All the boys earned a lot of awards that they had been working hard on as a pack for the last few months.  Peter was happy to receive his awards.  Oliver’s night was especially special since he earned his... read more

Girl Party!

While the boys were away camping we had a girl party.  We started out relaxing in our hammock together, eating creamsicles, and just talking.  We talked about what we like about being girls, what our favorite movies and colors were and lots of other things.  We also... read more

Meeting Baby Jane!

We were beyond thrilled when we received an impromptu visit from Ryan and Ann’s family.  The most exciting thing was being able to meet baby Jane for the first time.  After all our long distance love, fasting, and prayers along with my own personal tenderness... read more

Mariton Wildlife Perserve Hike

In an effort to help Oliver earn his Webelos we went out early on a school day for a three mile hike.  Shane was home that morning so I only took the older boys.  The weather was beautiful and it was early enough in the spring that the poison ivy wasn’t out in... read more


We had a wonderful Easter home together as a family.  Our family dinner was made extra special with twice baked potatoes, a new hit with the kids, and deviled eggs made by Shane.  I also tried my hand at a specialty rich chocolate torte.  More importantly we had time... read more

Lititz PA

To celebrate spring break we met up with our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents at the Sturgis Pretzel factory in Lititz, PA.  This is the oldest hard pretzel factory in the U.S. It made pretzels for the Union army during the civil war.  We did our traditional... read more

All grown up!

Our special girl turned twelve! We were so thankful for her friends that made the time to come to her party.  We had fun trying to break open an almost unbreakable pinata and then we decorated masks.  The kids had so much fun together.  To top off the night we had... read more

Peter’s Birthday!

The evening before Peter’s birthday we did our usual spring hunt.  The kids got their stash of candy and some felt finger puppets I made for them to celebrate spring with along with their dyed eggs.  For Peter’s birthday we made a dinosaur fossil cake.  We... read more

Pinewood Derby

Shane went out of his way this year and helped four kids make and design pinewood derby cars.  The boys raced theirs in the official Cub Scout races and the girls raced theirs in the general open race.  We were surprised when Peter came in first and Oliver third.... read more

Fun with Frogs

Walter loved the stairs Can you see the frong? Mammoth The kids took their own pictures Poison Dart Frogs The butterfly room Pretty excited Getting a better view The iconic turtle... read more

Valentines Party!

We prepared the kids for Valentines this year by asking them every night since the beginning of January how they had served someone that day.  We encouraged the kids to also notice when others were serving.  For every service we put up a heart.  Our wall was full by... read more

School Projects

We enjoyed doing a great variety of projects for school this winter.  The kids made flags for their countries, cooked African doughnuts, learned about prints, and made Carnival headbands.  I love that we can do these fun activities together, especially during the long... read more